About PomoNow

PomoNow is the best customizable pomodoro timer and online timer that works on all devices
The service is completely Free to use.

You can also add additional options or modification to your note, like adjusting the expiry date of the note after a specific number of minutes, hours, or days; or maybe an automatically self-destruct when the note got viewed. Also you can setup a specific number of views after that the note get destructed.

You can add a password protection to your note. A notification email can be requested when the note get viewed, as well as a reference name can be attributed to the note.

You control every detail while we send your note!!

PomoNow uses the latest technology to store and send your note safely and securely in our dedicated data centers that are ISO 27001 certified, an internationally recognized standard for information security. An end-to-end encryption is implemented for an added layer of security while creating, transferring and viewing the note.

The security, safety and privacy of our users are our top priority; thus, we use an SSL/TLS protocol on our servers and website. SSL/TLS stands for secure sockets layer / transport layer security.

If you have any questions, feel free to submit your inquiry via our e-mail to support@pomonow.com, and remember to check our Frequently Asked Questions. If you are concerned about Privacy policy issues and our terms of use, please read our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.