Tired of doing repetitive things, here is the solution 2

All jobs have boring parts. They really do. If you have a reasonably technical job, such as the accounting or IT industry, chances are that if you have not been employed for a long time, you will be asked to do one of the long and boring jobs.
I do have these tasks regularly and frankly I don't mind doing it. I've developed some tips and tricks to make these repetitive jobs a fun thing.
So quit planning your virtual escape from the office, take a deep breath and note these tips on "how to handle repetitive boring tasks".


While we all hear that we need to "drink more water", to avoid headaches, you really should have water or any other hydrating alternative.
When you do the same process over and over, it can be easy to get a deadly migraine or headache. By drinking regular water, you mostly want to stay cool and avoid dehydration.
Another helpful tip which I have developed is drinking a glass of water instead of a bottle. Yes, the bottle is easier. However, having to get up and drink more water intermittently, you have the opportunity to stretch your legs and completely get away from the task you were doing. This keeps you calm.

Get ready for success

Examine your workload. Develop a checklist of the activities needed to do the job. Prioritize tasks and arrange similar tasks together. Handle the hardest work when you feel alert and most capable. For instance, if you do your most strenuous tasks early in the day when you're new, you do not have to bother about doing them later when you're tired and more prone to mistakes. Identify tasks that could be done in a different manner and adopt new strategies.


Music and podcasts are the deciding factor in getting a repetitive task done. You need to stock a group of podcasts that you like and find interesting.
Again, if you can find a fun podcast, that would be great. If you do not listen to podcasts, I highly recommend giving it a try if you're doing a bit of a chore.
If you listen to music more, I suggest you create different playlists that suit your needs for the job. If you want to make the hard work light, make a playlist of great songs. If you are about to finish a task and want to finish it in a certain time, you need a fast paced playlist that will naturally help you move forward with the task.

Learn to enjoy it

Learn to enjoy jobs that other people get annoyed about.
You need to love doing big tasks that takes at least half a day and is very repetitive. Learn to enjoy it for several reasons:

  • It can make the day go by faster: You will find that half of your day can wind up pretty quickly after spending a lot of time working on the same job. Once you get into a "rhythm" and start making decent progress, hours pass quickly.
  • It's Valuable Work: The work you do though repetitive and boring, is important. Your co-workers will love the fact that your task is not the most desirable, but is of value in facilitating other areas of everyone's job.
  • It can be lovely: Obviously, doing the same thing over and over again might be very nice, but listening to podcasts and music isn't. Once your process is in control and independent, you will find that you do productive work while listening to one of your favorite playlists podcasts.

Automate what you can

Automate tasks online by assigning keystrokes to a single key or using software to produce some work. For instance, set up a rule to move messages from inbox of your email to another mail folder. You can write simple programs, for repetitive computing tasks to execute a script by following the instructions provided by the software manufacturer. Make use of social media technology, such as blogs, wikis, or forums, to help you identify tips, tricks, and techniques that apply to your industry.

Shake Things Up

Randomize task completion order. By changing the order of tasks, you can make recurring tasks more interesting. For instance, if you need to enter a list of data, begin at the bottom of the list and work your way up. Correct your job by reading out loud, so long as it does not create distraction for co-workers. In the end, if you realize the value of jobs that are repetitive in nature, they may not seem boring and repetitive.

Combine repetitive tasks to get them out of the way

Do you think about what you do with repetitive tasks? Before you find the solution, you should know that some tasks are hard to make fun no matter how hard you try.
Get rid of these yawning tasks ASAP by joining them into one quick, focused set. It is a surefire way to learn how to make your work fun.
For instance, if you dislike listening to meeting recordings and don't like tidying up your desk, do both at the same time.
You will reduce the boring time and you can move on to more exciting tasks once you are done. Whenever you try this tip, you'll discover why it's one of the most productive tasks you can do when you're bored at work.

Minimize distractions

Is there something specific that distracts you? If you're searching for productive things to do when bored, focus on specifically what's slowing your productivity down.
Social media is a popular deterrent. Logout of your social networks so you can focus on the things that really matter.
Other distractions might include the little task your boss assigned you that you didn't do or the pile of emails seeking for your attention. If you remove only one distraction, it will be a step in the right direction.

Take breaks to combat fatigue

Rest is a step needed to prepare for a longer journey into the future. Feel free to take a break. You need it!
It is critical to you if you want to achieve more. Return to work only when you feel you are ready. Do not underestimate the value of a short break!